Coaching and Mentoring - Happiness towards Success


Coaching happiness towards success workshop is unique in its structure. It combines the tools of happiness intelligence, emotional intelligence, gender intelligence and noetic science to help in developing self-efficacy; building personal foundation, great relationships and self-empowerment.

It’s the only workshop that increases a company’s efficiency and improves employee’s personal life at the same time.

It’s a 4 days’ workshop given within a period of 60 days, one workshop every 15 days. The fifteen days interval between one workshop and the next are necessary to practice and to adapt what was learned, before moving to the next phase. It is enhanced by a one on one coaching and phone support.

Day three - Building great relationships  

•Effective Communication
•Effective listening
•Building rapport
•Using empathy
•Gender intelligence 

Day one - Building foundation   

•Sources of Happiness
-Meet your happiness chemicals
.Transforming habits
•Emotional hijack and Controlling temper
•The paradigm shift
•Centers of life.​

Day two - Developing self-efficacy  

•Power continuum
•Positive thinking (handling worries & fears)
•Mind mapping

Why is it important?

One on One Coaching

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Day four - Building personal empowerment

•Non verbal facilities (body language & influence)
•The power of thoughts (law of attraction)
•Mission statement
•Goal setting process