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​Why is Gender intelligence important at work?

In 2013, is it out of date to suggest that men and women are polar, or planetary opposites?

John Gray, best-selling author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" says gender differences still count. In his book, "Mars and Venus in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting Results at Work" Gray agrees that "many men who get ahead have a respect for masculine and feminine traits; a lot of men are willing to collaborate.

The whole workplace is moving in the direction of greater collaboration and teamwork, and there is greater acceptance of differences in the workplace."

But there's still a strong need to generate awareness of traditionally masculine or feminine reactions to problems at work "so that there is greater potential to respond intelligently in each situation."

Reducing gender conflict has a variety of benefits. It leads to:
-Happier team members
-Greater cooperation
-Decreased loss of personnel, which leads to
      Decreased cost & time spent on recruitment and training
      A better ability to understand the needs and concerns of your customers (regardless of whether they are internal or external customers), and a greater competitive advantage for the company as a whole when they utilize the masculine & feminine skills.

It is very important that you don’t think that all men have to be in a certain way or that all women should be the same, because the reality is that we are all individuals.

One of the great things about the Mars Venus material is that you end up with a common language that you both understand and it takes the sting out of what otherwise could be interpreted as offensive or inconsiderate communication.

Women who now understand Men’s Language can simply remind themselves that the behavior of the man has nothing to do with them personally

A simple solution for both parties is to use a mixture of independent and inclusive language.

In life, as well as relationships, we tend to give what we actually would love to receive and unintentionally don’t honor what the opposite sex needs. Sometimes what is a nutrient on Venus is poison on Mars.