Messages received from the book readers through Linkedin, Facebook and Whats|App

From RM

Hello Marcel,

I finished reading the book 2 weeks ago. You have no idea how much I enjoyed every page of it. I own and already read most of the books in your bibliography and those you mentioned in your chapters but reading yours had a much more personal impact because I know you and  part of the stories you evoke bring back personal memories. It made me very proud to recommend "the power of the Unseen" to my friends and colleagues (I usually love to lend my books but for yours I am suggesting they buy it and keep it for future references). I went to see Deepak Chopra last time he was in Montreal, I wish one day I could attend one of your seminars... Keep well and stay Happy !!!


From GB

Dear Marcel,

A message to me from my oldest daughter: < I enjoy your friend’s book tremendously. It is an inspiration do better myself and I'm very blessed to have you and mom. Thank you for loving me no matter the bad times I put you through, I truly love you too, just thought I would voice this to you as much as I can because I don't think I say it enough.. I LOVE YOU>.


From FB

Dear Marcel,

I have just finished reading your book. I felt the need to write you this email, as i felt the reflection of your book and the stories to my personal life. I have been far from God and the teachings of Christianity for a long time, many questions were bombarding my head and lately I’ve been closer to Jesus for several personal reasons and you enlightened me and pushed me to be closer and to trust the unseen power. I have to agree that HAPPINESS is the key element in surviving our journey in life. Your book helped me realize a different aspect of life and highlighted the fact that i should find my inner path and my inner peace which will help me spread happiness all around me. I really needed to read these words. Thank you and good luck.


From ST

Dear Marcel,

Last week your book was passed on to me by a dear friend, more like an angel to me who is always there for me. I was in a bad place and she felt I would connect with your experience. I read your book in the space of that evening and the next morning and I was moved by several passages and by your faith. After a few years where I lost my path, I am back to my prayers and my faith and I am being more receptive to the signs and the difficulties that I face in my spiritual quest. Thank you for nudging me in the right direction, God bless you and your loved ones.Type your paragraph here.


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