Coaching and Mentoring - Happiness towards Success


It all began one day, while I was watching a movie in which one very important scene  changed my whole life.

A teacher asks the twelve years old children in her class to read the obituary page as a homework consignment. She urged them to write their own obituary by imagining what people would say the day they die about themselves and their achievements.

I was really impressed by this exercise and I asked myself: What could my children say to their children about their grandfather and his achievements?

I found NO ANSWER to this question... I was shocked. 

I spent fifteen years of my life in Africa, I lost all my various businesses and my investments. I never built anything. I never wrote a book. I never taught anything. I never did any community work. The only answer I could find is that I am not a bad person (according to my beliefs) and the only achievement I made at the age of fifty was raising a beautiful family of three kids, the best way I knew at that time..

I wanted to achieve something; but what can I do at this age, not having enough money to leave an heritance for my children, and with no free time to help in the community? Then a very stupid but very inspiring idea came to my mind and the decision was made. 

I called my wife Mireille and told her:

“When I die I want everyone to say that I have lived every single minute left of my life HAPPY”.

The commitment was made but the big question is how to get there. Could anyone live happy all the time?

Is it possible to feel peaceful?

Is it possible not to get angry?

Is it possible not to fear or not to worry?

Is it possible to live without problems?

Is it possible to have all my needs to live respectfully?

Is it possible to control other people’s behavior and actions towards me?

It turned out that during my struggle for happiness, I discovered a different world.

To accompany me in this journey I invite you to read my book < THE POWER OF THE UNSEEN>